Please note that we have two services -- those holders which do not bear a numeric grade are only guaranteed genuine. Only those bearing an appellation followed by a numeric grade within parentheses are guaranteed both genuine and to be in the condition stated on the label. Our scale is based on the 1-70 system used in the USA and Canada, but has also been specially designed to take into account the standards of both the British and Continental European schemes. We do not grade coins which fall into the North American 'AG' range (this is to say 1-3), as they tend to present too little detail to achieve a positive identification. 'Details' grades are only assigned to coins which present an overwhelming defect, in all other cases, a note will be made following the numeric grade.

Grade title



The coin is heavily worn. Major design elements will appear largely as 'silhouettes.' Comparable to: CAN/USA- GOOD, UK- POOR, EUR- N/A.


The coin is well worn. Most substantial design elements visible and bold. Rim and inscriptions can show some weakness. Comparable to: CAN/USA- VERY GOOD, UK- FAIR, EUR- BEAU.


The coin displays normal circulation wear. Major design elements, rim, and inscriptions should all be bold and clear. Comparable to: CAN/USA- FINE, UK- FINE, EUR- TRES BEAU.


The coin displays moderate wear on high points. Detail generally visible, with wear only obscuring the highest/weakest design elements. Comparable to: CAN/USA- VERY FINE, UK- VERY FINE, EUR- TRES TRES BEAU.


The coin displays light overall wear on the highest points. All detail is visible and sharp. Older coins will have original patina, newer ones must have at least traces of luster. Comparable to: CAN/USA- EXTREMELY FINE, UK- EXTREMELY FINE, EUR- SUPERBE.


There are virtually no signs of wear, only light to moderate contact marks. Around 50% of luster must be present on newer coins. Comparable to: CAN/USA- ALMOST UNCIRCULATED, UK- ALMOST UNCIRCULATED, EUR- SUPERBE.


There are no traces of wear. Light contact marks, hairlines, and impaired luster may be present. Comparable to: CAN/USA- MS60-3, UK- UNCIRCULATED, EUR- FLEUR DE COIN.


As before, but quality of strike must be excellent. Luster must be near perfect on newer coins, and virtually no contact marks are allowed. Comparable to: CAN/USA- MS-64-70, UK- CHOICE UNCIRCULATED, EUR- FLEUR DE COIN.