All you need to know about our numismatic grading services


What the grading process seeks to do is quantifiably assess the state of preservation of a given coin. This is accomplished by means of a standardized, constant set of criteria (see OUR SCALE). The better the state of preservation, the more desirable the coin will be.

By Certifying your coins with PCGM, you are ensuring not only their authenticity, but also their all-important grade.

By buying coins slabbed by PCGM, and sealed with our distinctive hologram, you can rest assured that you get exactly what you pay for.


Coins submitted to PCGM undergo a pre-screening process to assess their eligibility for a numeric grade (authentic, free from overwhelming defect, etc.). This is undertaken by experts using the most modern techniques and equipment.

The coins then proceed to the grading room for further scrutiny, and to be assigned a grade. Multiple experts will offer independent opinions, and if a consensus is not reached, an average of the suggested grades will be taken.

The submissions are then sealed in hard, inert plastic, air tight slabs to ensure the preservation of their contents. Each slab bears a holographic seal and a unique serial number, thus ensuring authenticity.


The grading process is difficult as well as contentious, and thus requires not only a trained eye and attention to detail, but also years of experience. Our team of numismatic experts is composed of dedicated numismatists with a proven track record in the grading and evaluation of coins. With decades of combined experience, as well as a commitment to upholding only the most stringent standards, you can be assured a precision and consistency of grading from PCGM.


The value of a coin is determined by a plethora of factors, chief among which are metallic content, rarity and grade. These parameters are the strongest in influencing demand, which in turn dictates value.

Coin grading directly addresses all three of the aforementioned traits by guaranteeing authenticity, identification, and ascertaining grade. Slabbed coins also benefit from assured preservation, meaning that your collection or investment is guaranteed to remain beautiful and desirable in the years to come.

By choosing PCGM in either certifying or informing a purchase, you will maximize all of the benefits that we have mentioned due to our exacting standards. In this way, you are also assuring the continued growth of your coin's desirability.