Grading professionally asserts the state of a coin’s preservation

The value of a coin can be affected by even the slightest of blemishes.


Any true collector knows that not all coins are equal. The key to a desirable coin is quality – both in manufacture and in condition. Authenticating and grading coins of most national issuing authorities after 1300, and in all metals (gold, silver, bronze, aluminium, etc) is a service which we have long provided to the Polish market. Now, we are proud to announce the re-launching of PCGM with a whole new, integrated grading scheme, as well as a 'global submissions program' which will allow collectors from across the globe to take advantage of our trusted services. Though we specialize in Central and Eastern European numismatics, and are indeed particularly trusted in this field, we are able to asses a wide range of world coins. Whether as a collector or a dealer, you can count on PCGM for all of your certification and grading needs.


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